Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The youth of today

Driving my younger son to his guitar lesson today, he and I fell into one of our discussions about music. Our tastes, as you might expect, differ a little. One way of dealing with this is for him to put in his earphones and enjoy selections from his own favourite repertoire. But there's a problem. The warnings I've drummed into him since his earliest Walkman years, about the need to protect his hearing by maintaining moderate listening levels, seem to have worked. The trouble is that my "cheesy old rubbish" emanating from the car speakers overwhelms the sound in his earphones so, from the passenger seat comes constant heckling and surreptitious adjustment of speaker volumes throughout the journey.

This isn't how life's supposed to turn out. Surely I'm supposed to be the one telling him: "You call that music? Turn that awful racket down!".
Oh dear. Where did I go wrong?

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