Wednesday, 23 December 2009

To Plymouth, and beyond!

I've written recently about the challenge of reminding radio management that I can do things other than reading the news. Well, I'm delighted to report a glimmer of opportunity. On Christmas Day, I'll be live across BBC Local Radio's South-West cluster of stations, broadcasting a mix of music and whatever-else-comes-our-way between 7 and 10pm.

If your Christmas Day has started to sag by 7pm, and you're in search of something that isn't festive tv, you can listen online .

This show necessitates a trip to Plymouth, which could be "interesting" given the current weather conditions! I'll be packing blankets, a shovel and a prized 1968 edition of The Blue Peter Guide to Building Your Own Igloo Using 3 Old Coat Hangers and a Blue Peter Badge. Oh yes, and some Kendal Mint Cake. And some mince pies. And soup in a flask. At least if I come face to face with the Abysmal Snowman, I'll have something to offer him by way of refreshment.

small note for Equipment anoraks: it also affords an opportunity to use one of the last survivors of the "old BBC" way of working: a desk on which the faders go up to close, down to open. Marvellous! I never thought I'd get to use one again. All I need now is to find one with quadrant faders and I'll be delirious!!

And just before we leave talk of the old Radio 2 breakfast ways behind, here's a souvenir pic of the Wake Up to Wogan team, in the studio at the end of the final show:
(LtoR) CN, Alan Boyd, Lynn Bowles, Sir Tel, Alan Dedicoat, John Marsh.

Happy Days! I don't know about you, but I'm very much focused on January 2010 as a fresh new canvas, perfectly poised to have exciting new opportunities slapped onto it.

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Matthew Rudd said...

Fantastic, hope it's an experience which leads to many more. And don't forget to tune into me in the new year, complete with CN voicenesses!